Ultimate frisbee racks up points

According to the rules of ultimate frisbee, in order for a team to win, it must be ahead by two points and have at least 15 points to win. However for the Francis Howell Central team, that is no challenge, according to three-year player junior Coleton Day.

Winning the game on Monday, April 5 15-11 against Marquette made the team’s record 2-0. Much like other sports, winning comes with practice, but for the ultimate frisbee team, that means giving up the players Saturday mornings to practice as a team.

“We do a bunch of drills, including throwing the frisbee, running, diving, and we usually do cut and throw drills to warm up before games,” said first-year player junior Matthew Shuford.

This sport requires all members to work together to receive a point. To achieve a point in ultimate frisbee, the disk must be caught in the in-zone. This means that the player cannot catch it in the outfield and run into the in-zone.

The varsity ultimate frisbee team will be playing its third game on Sunday, April 11 at Henderson Elementary against Lafayette.

“We play at mostly public parks because we don’t have the money to play anywhere else,” said Day. “So we need a lot more support.”