Baseball recovers with back-to-back wins

After losses to two conference rivals, Wentzville Holt by a score of 3-2 and Howell 7-0, the Spartans have rebounded with two consecutive wins. The baseball team has bettered its record to 14-8 and is now nearing the end of the regular season.

The team’s last win was against Washington by a score of 8-7. The Spartans were led by junior second baseman Dylan Schindler, who contributed four hits and one RBI in this close contest, and sophomore Austin Boden, who contributed two hits and three RBI’s.

On the mound was junior pitcher Kyle Gruver, who gave up two runs through 3.3 innings. The mound duties were then handed over to juniors Andrew Tedder and Bryan Webb, who combined to throw 7.7 innings and allowed five runs. According to Gruver, it was a tough win but a good team win to get this late in the season.

“Sometimes teams fall apart at the end of the season,” said Gruver. “We have shown that we aren’t going to go away, and this win just shows how much heart this team has so late in the season.”

The Spartans next regular season contest will be at the defending state champs home field, when the Spartans travel to square off against Fort Zumwalt South tonight.