State success

The standard was set high by coach Jason Becker for the ultimate frisbee team to rank higher in state than they did last year, fourth place. With the team finishing fourth again this year offensive captain Wesley Groth, feels the team could have done better.

The team played a total of seven games during the weekend. It won three on Saturday and one on Sunday making its record 11-6.

“It was disappointing losing to Chaminade,” said Groth. “I felt like we weren’t on our game and it was an unnecessary loss.”

Even though the team’s expectations were not met, Coach Becker could not be more proud. The team won the best sportsmanship award against the other 16 teams that were at State. It was also awarded with the privilege to be the highest ranked public school at State.

“The team worked hard at keeping their cool and being respectful throughout the season; they worked on using the rules to their advantage,” said Coach Becker.

Next year, Becker plans on continuing to recruit younger players so he can keep them playing on the team longer. As for Groth, he is planning on helping others become better at ulimate frisbee so the team can be more skilled.