Making a Splash

The boys swim and dive team take first place at their season opener

Last night, the boys swim and dive team began its season on a high note. The team placed first overall against Timberland and Liberty High Schools. Two divers, junior Devon Ridout and sophomore Dominic Prince, took first and second place in the diving competition. Sophomore, Michael Gerling, set a personal record with his time in the 100-meter free. Gerling’s time was 59.9 seconds, an impressive time for any swimmer, let alone a rookie.

“It was exciting to swim that just under a minute. I’ve never swam at a meet before, so I think I started off on a good foot. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season,” Gerling said.

In addition to Gerling’s phenomenal start, swim team veterans, juniors Campbell Bee, Ryan Eilers, Jacob Sloane, and sophomore Michael Lippincott took first in the 200-meter medley relay.

“We did really well, better than I expected honestly. We’ll just need to work out some little things for our next meet,” Lippincott said.

But according to Eilers, almost as impressive as the boys’ times in the pool, are their manners and sportsmanship. When they’re not swimming, teammates can be seen helping take down flags, huddling together, and cheering swimmers on. After races, swimmers shake hands with opponents, and compliment them on their times. Lippincott believes the respect they share for each other leads to friendships that can last longer than a swim meet.

“We see these guys year after year. So we kinda build a relationship with them, we’re friends almost,” Lippincott said. Eilers, believes swim teams have a special sense of sportsmanship unlike any other sport.

“Other sports don’t have the kind of camaraderie between opposing teams like swimmers do. We end every race with shaking hands, because we want to. We’re friends with these guys. It’s nice to hear you did a good job from someone, even if they beat you. So it’s important to tell your opponents how well they did too,” Eilers says.

    The boys’ swim and dive team’s next meet is today, against Fort Zumwalt East High School.