Homecoming quickly approaching

Student Council members plan for homecoming next week


Michayla Pordea, Staff Reporter

With only one week to the start of Spirit Week and the beloved Homecoming events, StuCo members have been hard at work putting together the biggest event of the year. Along with the familiar Homecoming parade, Powderpuff, and of course, the football game, StuCo has added an extra element by letting students have a voice in the Homecoming Court.

“This year we are going to open [nominations] up to the student population, and normally you can only be nominated by clubs. This year we are changing it a little bit by adding the “Wishing Well” at lunch, and you can nominate who you think should be on homecoming court,” said junior Samantha Taplin.

In the past, Student Council has tried to stay away from students being able to nominate their fellow peers, due to the privilege being abused and used as a bullying method. Since then, students have asked for a say in the nominations for Homecoming Court, and this year they are finally getting a chance to cast ballots for the court.

One of the Student Council sponsors, Mrs.Vicki Pohlman, believes that by adding the “Wishing Well,” it creates a good medium road between having the sponsors and students choose nominees.

“It felt like we moved too far the other way, so we tried to come up with an idea that’s kind of in the middle where kids that really want to nominate someone have the chance to do that, while we also are making sure that we are highlighting those people that are really part of the school through activities,” said Pohlman.

StuCo members have also been busy planning for the dance, which will take place on Sept. 20, making it much earlier than most years. Although the time that they had to plan was shorter, StuCo has found a way to come up with a theme that will help them save money and use old decorations.

“The theme is ‘Dancing Through the Seasons’ and there will be parts [of the school] decorated as winter, summer, fall, and spring. We voted on the theme, and I know that we had a lot of decorations from last year’s winter dance that we didn’t use,” said senior Melissa Cook.

Spirit days for Homecoming week are as follows: Monday will be Hick Day, Tuesday is GQ Day, Wednesday is Nerd Day and Thursday is Blue & Silver Day.

The winter dance was canceled last year due to inclement weather and short ticket sales. The decorations purchased for the dance will now be used as part of the Homecoming dance, in efforts to try and save money.

Don’t forget to have your student and guest forms approved by September 11th. You can purchase your tickets at lunch for $14. For any form approved after the 11th, the ticket price will increase to $18. You can find the forms at the front of the main office.