Ultimate Frisbee season kicks off

Mr. Jason Becker, Ultimate Frisbee coach, started rounding up the team in late February. Students who were interested but were not quite sure what the sport was about participated in an instructional meeting to help answer their questions.

For the past few years, the team has had an average of 13 varsity members and 13 junior varsity members.

“[We were] on the border of doing cuts,” said Coach Becker.

According to Coach Becker, this is a good place to be. No coach wants to tell a student that he or she is cut from the team; however, it creates a higher level of competition on the team.

“It’s a unique opportunity to practice certain life skills,” said Coach Becker.

The team practices three times a week for about two hours. To practice, they stretch, run through focus skills and work on their throwing and catching. They also have drills in which they work on a particular skill. To end practice, they have a practice game amongst themselves.

Their first game took place on Sunday, March 20. They lost 10 – 11 to SLUH.

The first pieces of the season are to get the new players up to speed, according to Coach Becker.

“[We’re getting] the group of experienced players and inexperienced players to the same page,’’ said Coach Becker.