Men start out strong

The men’s track season opener took place at Washington University in St. Louis. Out of 14 teams, the boys finished with fourth place overall, according to Coach Travis Wilson.

Senior Zach Taylor placed first in the 800 meter run in two minutes and three seconds, and sophomore Jarrod Jefferson finished first place in the triple jump with 40 feet and three inches.

Other individuals who metaled include junior Josh McKinley, junior Matt Lundberg, junior Andrew Altomare, junior Michael Prince and senior Bryan Metcalfe. Lundberg, Altomare, Prince and Metcalfe placed third as a team in the 400 meter relay, while McKinley placed third in the 1600 meter run with four minutes and 38 seconds.

“I feel that this season will be promising. We have a lot of potential this year,” said Metcalfe.

Despite the snow and cold weather conditions, the boy’s track team placed at its highest rank in the past three years, according to Metcalfe. He feels that this is a lead off to even more improvement.

“I have been working on my endurance, and I’m trying to improve my PR [Personal Record] on the 300 meter hurtle,” said Metcalfe.