Ultimate Frisbee prevails over weather

On Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15, the Ultimate Frisbee team had two games that were scheduled and then canceled due to the weather. The games were to be held at Parkway North and Priory, but the fields were not in the right conditions.

The team has had several scrimmage games within many successful practices, according to Coach Jason Becker.

“[However], it’s hard to know how well they’ll do until you really get out there and test yourself,” said Coach Becker.

According to the coach, the team’s strengths rest in its handlers – the team members who touch the disk the most. Its throwing skills are also above average.

The part that has a negative effect on the team, according to Coach Becker, is that the team is not “as deep.” This means that the members who start off on the bench and enter later in the game are not as skilled as the starting seven.

“Our starting seven matches other teams well,” said Coach Becker. “When the games wear on is where we might see weakness.”

The team has two more games to look forward to on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3. These games will take place at DeSmet and LaDue.