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Change comes with a small butterfly

Kamrie Reed May 20, 2011

Yale Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity has recently received five years suspension due to an inappropriate pledge activity. What would cause this highly esteemed college to deal so severely with their students?...

Ignorance leads to victims galore

Kamrie Reed May 13, 2011

Victims of sex trafficking are here. It can not be more plain than that. As Americans, we are continually overlooking our victims and refusing to believe that, just like every other country, we have...

DECA goes to Disney World

Kamrie Reed May 11, 2011

DECA finalists junior Josh Burns, junior Hannah Greco, senior Adam Farmer, senior Alex Faupel, and senior Alexa Berhorst recently competed in the Internationals competition held in Orlando, Fla. Burns...

A father of flesh

Kamrie Reed May 9, 2011

To most people, Minh lived a pretty normal life. She resided in California and was a straight “A” student. She was the true essence of an over achiever who graduated at the top of her class. However,...

Project Daughter brings healing

Kamrie Reed May 2, 2011

International Crisis Aid is partnering with a church in the St. Louis area and will be opening a house called Project Daughter. This house will be specifically for victims of sex trafficking. All of these...

DECA finalists go to Florida

Kamrie Reed May 2, 2011

Friday, April 30 at noon, DECA finalists traveled by plane to Orlando, Fla. These DECA students are competing in national competitions. Senior Adam Farmer, DECA president, placed first in DECA district...

CNN takes a stand against modern day slavery

Kamrie Reed April 25, 2011

The new series, Freedom Project, has been a breath of fresh air for those who follow sex trafficking, including myself. CNN is finally reporting a series of stories solely focused on the rapidly growing...

Foreign victim encounters

Kamrie Reed April 19, 2011

Party music fills my ears. A strange world has now opened up to me. People pass by with stares of curiosity but continue on with the normal rhythm of life. I carefully study the scene around me. My fellow...

DECA goes to Disney World

Kamrie Reed April 14, 2011

There are marketing students who have the opportunity to compete at the national DECA competition in Florida. Junior Hannah Greco will be going to nationals for her first year in DECA. “I am not preparing...

Victims recruit for new ‘product’

Kamrie Reed April 12, 2011

Sex trafficking is a reoccurring process that drains and dehumanizes young victims. This trauma is a result of the need or addiction of power many pimps have. It would surprise many people to hear that...

Lack of concern causes lack of hope

Kamrie Reed April 4, 2011

In Cleveland, Texas an 11-year-old girl was raped by some where around 17 to 28 men ranging from middle school age to a 27-years-old. This is a disturbing story, but to make matters worse some citizens...

DECA dodgeball

Kamrie Reed March 29, 2011

DECA is hosting its annual dodgeball tournament on April 13 in the big gym. All students are allowed to participate, but they are responsible for forming teams and paying the entry price of $40, which...

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