Volleyball moves to 6-2 formation

After a loss to SLUH in the semifinals of the Marquette Tournament April 2, Coach Mark McAfee and his coaching staff, made the final decisions on their lineups for the varsity, JV and freshmen teams.

Most notably, the varsity team is moving to 6-2 formation to utilize two setters in the formation. The team first began using the 6-2 formation last year.

Coach McAfee said the reason for the switch to this formation was because, rather than having one strong setter as the team has had in years past, the team now has two good setters. He says the formation allows the team to utilize both setters in addition to helping them recover physically and mentally during the game, along with bringing more blocking to the net defensively and maintaining a strong offense as well.

The team played the 6-2 formation for the first time this season on April 6, which led to a win against Duchesne, then again on April 8, which led to a win in two games (25-21 and 25-23) against Zumwalt South, according to Coach McAfee, the team’s best win so far this season.

With that win, Central stands as only team in its conference presently undefeated. That will be tested Thursday against Howell North.

“If we beat Howell North Thursday, we’re going to have a big leg up on the conference, so that will be a big game for us,” Coach McAfee said.