Boys volleyball defeats CBC

After arriving at SLUH, the Spartans took on the CBC Cadets in a three game battle for the win. After winning the first game 19-25 with 15 kills, the Spartans let the Cadets in their heads and lost their mentality.

“We came out strong in the first game; we were really pumped up,” senior Zac VanBooven said. “We knew we had to get our rotations right that third game because we couldn’t let them get ahead.”

Despite a loss of a close second game, 22-25, the Spartans pulled together to come out on top with a third game winning of 16-18. The players who had the most impact on the game were seniors Jake Heskin, Vanbooven and Jack Gamache.

“You always want to be the one helping your team, not hurting it,” Heskin said. “It’s important to step up and make key, important plays.”

Senior Kurt Carlson is the server during the strongest rotation on the court, putting pressure on him for a perfect serve.

“You want to get the ball in, so the other team has to play it,” Carlson said. “As long as you are getting those serves in, it’s up to [the other team] to make a play.”

The Spartans will be playing in the quarterfinals tonight in Kirkwood.