A cool comeback

As the ball volleyed back and forth over the net, the crowd cheered with excitement after every Spartan point. While the game was down to the last crucial points, the audience fell silent as each serve was made, but shouted with excitement as each point was earned. With one hit away from the winning point, the crowd went wild.

After the last point was scored, the boys on the bench rushed to the court to embrace their fellow teammates and enjoy their final win together, and the crowd went wild with joy as they threw their rally towels from the bleachers. The boys defeated SLUH 25-13.

Senior Zac Van Booven, like the rest of the boys, feels incredible about the team’s last win.

“It feels great [to win state.] This is exactly how we wanted to end [the season.] We finally got [the state title],” Van Booven said. “It’s amazing that we got the first [state] title [for volleyball.] I don’t know what to say right now.”

Senior Genesis Carter feels that the boys played well throughout the entire night.

“We came to support the boys and it was a great way to end our senior year. I haven’t been to all the games this year, but I’m really glad I was able to come to this one,” Carter said. “Everyone was here. The band people, the art club, everyone was here; it was crazy.”

Along with the pride felt in the hearts of the team and student section, the teachers in the audience are also able to leave tonight on a good note. English teacher Ms. Laurie Fay felt the pride in her students and her school.

“I think our boys came back in the first [and last] game[s], party because of talent, but small part definitely has to do with crowd and support,” Fay said. “Any sporting event is a big deal, but playing for state is the ultimate achievement for any athlete. I wanted to support not only the boys, but our school.”