Girls cross country team doubles in size

After a low turnout at summer runs, the girls cross country team was unusually large as the first week of practice began. A total of 26 runners showed up to the first practice of the year after only having 12 girls last year with Junior Varsity and Varsity combined. While only losing one senior, the team picked up several freshmen that Coach Michelle Breuer feels will add speed to the team.

“The season looks great in a sense of size. We have a couple of good freshmen that are good prospects,” Coach Breuer said.

The team has been practicing every day since the first full week of school in order to prepare for the first meet on Aug. 28 at Quail Ridge Park. There will be a two mile time trial tomorrow to give the girls an idea of what to expect for the first meet.

“The time trial will let us see where everybody’s at and get situated. It gives them a perspective, and the first meet will be a third trial in a sense because it is only a two mile race,” Coach Breuer said.

Because the first meet is only a two mile race, Coach Breuer is using it as an opportunity to decide who the top seven varsity runners will be. The meet allows each team to run 10 girls on Varsity compared to usual meets when teams are only allowed to run seven.

“Since we can run 10 girls for varsity, it will set the tone for the year,” Coach Breuer said. “I think we will have a good group of seven this year. They are running hard, trying; they are sore, and they are giving good effort.”