Beginning on the right foot

With three weeks of training behind them, the boys cross country team is facing its first meet of the season, scheduled at Quail Ridge.

“It’s the first meet for the new freshmen, so everyone is looking forward to seeing how they perform,” junior Mitchell Devening said. “[Also] it’ll be nice to see how our training during summer and the school year has payed off.”

“The Wednesday meet is only going to be a two mile run,” Devening explained. “It’s an easy start to the season.”

However, some of the runners have concerns about the meet, especially with the warm weather forecasted for Wednesday.

“The biggest issue with the meet is going to be the heat,” junior Devin Enochs said. “There might be a rescheduling, if not the temperature isn’t gonna be very fun.”

Unfortunately, for some of the runners, the rigors of training have taken their toll. Senior Jacob Plevnic is suffering from a strained groin and tendonitis in his hip.

“I’m not sure if I can run at the meet,” said Plevnic. “There’s no need to make the problem worse by running before it’s ready.”

In any case, the meet will offer a fun time for any who are interested in seeing the cross country team kick off their season.