Going the distance

As the cross country season kicks it into high gear following their first meet for the year, Coach Matt Van Horn took the time to announce the name of a runner who is deserving of recognition for his years of dedication to the team and the sport.

“All of our athletes have accomplished much, simply by training in the off season,” said Coach Van Horn. “As far as progress in the idea of getting faster throughout their high school running, one runner, Alex Buhse comes to mind.”

Senior Alex Buhse joined the team freshman year, and since then has seen rapid improvement, with no lack of hard work.

“[Alex] has trained both during the season, as well as during the off season since his freshman year to reach the point where he is today,” explains Coach Van Horn.

As it is, Buhse is at a twenty minute and sixteen second 5k time. His current goal is attaining an eighteen minute 5k.

“[Eighteen minutes] isn’t too far away”, said Buhse. “I can easily beat that this year.”

As well as being optimistic about his own progress, Buhse is also looking forward to the team’s prospects for the season.

“I feel like the team has definitely improved,” said Buhse. “We’re going to go alot further this year, and make it to sectionals, or state.”

The cross country season promises to be an interesting one, with passionate athletes like Buhse pushing the limits of their endurance in the unceasing pursuit of quicker times.

“The coaches are supportive,” said Buhse. “They push each other to do well.”

In regards to his own remarkable improvement over the past few years, Alex simply explained that he “tries to be the best [he] can.”