Second at Warrenton

On Oct. 4th, the varsity boys cross country team competed at Warrenton, taking second in a 5K race. Running varsity were seniors PJ Brown, Bryan Tracy, and juniors Walter Lembeck, Mitch Devening, and Jake Drnec, sophomore Nate Limbaugh and freshman Zach Painter. Lembeck and Brown medalled at the meet, taking 12th and 18th place, respectively.


“I think this really shows the difference between last year and this year,” said Michelle Breuer, head cross country coach. “They didn’t get any medals last year, and they both medalled at the Warrenton meet.”


While the cross country team did well, the times they received were far from ideal, according to Coach Breuer.


“The times that the guys received were a minute or two off their personal bests,” said Coach Breuer. “They can do better, but the times everyone got at the meet were not too good. [The team] won second despite that.”

According to Devening, the biggest obstacle for the runners was actually the runners themselves.


“The course itself wasn’t all that bad, it was the amount of people,” Devening said. “It was more difficult to pass other people and runners got clogged up. I feel like I could’ve done better if there was less people there.”


Despite the bad times, FHC taking second leaves many runners optimistic.


“We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how we do the rest of the season,” said Coach Breuer.