A Night Full of Fright

Why Fright Fest at Six Flags is an amazing experience in October


Photo Courtesy of Six Flags

A main character of Fright Fest poses, ready to terrify audiences. Their performance is in part what makes Fright Fest such a thrill.

October, to us, is most associated with fears and horrors. This month is the perfect time to watch scary movies, wear costumes, eat orange colored food, and binge on candy. For me personally, I love the atmosphere of the month and enjoy the horror that comes. Though, I didn’t fill my enthusiasm completely until October of 2018, when my friends took me to another fun and scary place: Six Flags Fright Fest.

The only other time I went to Six Flags was when I was 3 years old, and I only rode 1 ride at the time. I was expecting a lot out of the park, and I was satisfied with the result. My friends and I spent 3 hours there and explored most of the area, and it honestly made my heart bounce around my body. The loud chainsaws, being chased around with “knives”, and jumpscares were honestly pretty scary and got me nervous sometimes. I never knew if they came out of the trees or out of the darkness, and it raised my blood pressure. These fears were truly an experience nonetheless. I still recall the time when one of the workers, dressed in torn bloody clothes, burst out of a cage, causing my friend to stumble and run a mile away from us. You can’t avoid these paths, since most of them lead to the best rides in the park. Fright Fest afterwards will truly leave you with chills down your spine.

Although the park is mostly featuring horror throughout the park, the best part about going there is the rides. I’ve never experienced a thrill from anything until going for the first time that day. The rush of adrenaline and heart drops feels like a trip to paradise for a few minutes. The first ride fills you with nicotine like addiction to go on more rides, and that’s what makes the night enjoyable and worth the wait. 

Everyone should experience Fright Fest at least one October, as it’s a memorable experience to be at. The park does a great job with the atmosphere and the decorations to suit it. The feeling of happiness, excitement and awe mixed with fear, horror, and goosebumps is a perfect combination to experience the spooky season.

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