Finding character

Improv Central held its weekly meeting on Oct. 23 where there were plenty of participants.


Faith Carter

Vice president Josiah Haan laughs along to a funny joke during an improv game. Improv is a place to try new things, and helping others learn to be comfortable with improv is part of the responsibility of an officer.

Improv Central kicked off its season strong with 30 or so regular participants, and the meeting Oct. 23 was no different. Split into three groups due to the size, Improv Central officers Isaiah Henry, Josiah Haan, and Taylor Krieg lead the group into a series of games. Improv is a club based upon having fun and accepting mistakes, and gives those who normally don’t act a chance to try acting out.

“I love that improv relaxes people and takes stress off of them.” Senior vice president Haan said, “It’s cool because a lot of people that do the tech side of theatre get to show off their performing side too.”

Improv Central meets every week on Wednesday, during PLC time. There are no requirements to join, and the club loves to have new members. Improv Central will have an improv show on Nov. 22 in the auditorium.