If I Did a Review on Marching Season Then…

A Review for the 2019 Marching Band Season


Photo Provided by FHC_Guard

The FHC Colour Guard poses for a photo at a home football game. They were excited to have the season to be filled with members

The cold fall air stung our eyes as the sequins on our costumes scraped at our right arms. Our skirts  twirled around our legs while the purple and pink gradient flag’s silk showed off its colours in the air and rifle straps snap on landing, allowing us to perform like no other. This past band season had to be one of the best years for all of us as performers and for everyone in the marching band and colour guard; although, stress and frustration pumped through our veins for most of the season. The show for this year was entitled “If/Then” asking the question of If I did this Then would this happen, and we now continuously ask ourselves that question while waiting for the band banquet in January. 

However, there is no need to dwell on the future when I am give voice to the past, and this past was enthralling to say the least. I helped to captivate the crowds of parents, band directors, judges and students alike, leaving most of them in awe of the organised synchronisation, or at least what everyone was able to pull off. The marching band making the Lamda, the band programs logo, on the field and the colour guard allowing for a full visual spectacular, providing colour and positive vibes radiating to the audience from the field, of which none of us, left no doubt. When at our competitions, especially at Washington and Mizzou, we would stress over perfection for preliminary performances and get excited and have fun during finals when we made them. 

The stress comes for colour guard, not having costumes until late in the season or not at all for the only male in guard; although, they were ordered and paid for during the summer. The multitude of talks we needed about respect and the work that was constantly changed because of pass throughs, it was changed three times for three different pass throughs; I counted, made this season all the more stressful for us. However, it was still a great season, better than last year during All in a Dayzzzzz but nothing will ever compare to my freshman year during Colorfall.