Putting the Pieces Together

As the semester comes to an end, the Francis Howell Central Wind Ensemble begins to put final touches on their pieces before the winter concert. Meeting after school on Dec. 2nd, the woodwind instruments practice their difficult parts, putting the final touches on integral sections containing challenging intervals, rhythms, and other technical nuances. Lead by director Andrew Measerli, the band practiced four works, three to be performed at the winter concert and a fourth to be an extra starting song at the band’s upcoming Missouri Music Educators Association (MMEA) performance in January.

“The pieces are going well,” says first chair flutist Vanessa Luan. “There are a lot of eighth notes and tricky rhythms… but we’re practicing a lot.”

The winter concert will be performed in the Francis Howell Central auditorium on Dec. 11th. The show in its entirety will be presented on Jan. 22nd at the MMEA convention at the Tan-Tar-a Resort.