Properly Productive Snow Day


Photo Courtesy of Kierigan McEvoy

What a real snow day should look like: abundantly covered in sparkling fluff.

Every kids dream: waking up to absolutely zero snow on the ground but somehow getting out of going to school for the day. It can’t get any better than that. Sleeping in until 10:00 a.m. (or later because, you know, high schoolers), moving your hibernation from your room to the couch (for those not cool enough with a TV in their rooms), and doing positively nothing until at least 2:00 p.m.. 

Now a proper snow day usually consists of actual snow on the ground to go out and enjoy, but never fear, there are still plenty of snow day activities that can be accomplished without the seemingly essential ingredient; snow. 

Now there is always the chore list of snow day activities that your mom leaves on the kitchen table hoping that you won’t ignore the little pink note or “not see it laying there.” All those simple things that get overlooked due to the business of the week. These snow day activities are as you would expect, more laborious than they are fun, like doing the dishes, cleaning your room, folding the laundry, and other obviously overrated tasks. I mean who needs to do laundry when you can just spray a bunch or perfume or mens body spray all over your clothes and call them clean? So, chores are clearly out of the question when it comes to a productive snow day. 

The next most sensible thing to do, and probably the most dreaded, is homework or studying. All that homework that you didn’t do the night before, praying for a snow day to save you and promising that if given a sea of white fluff you will do what you neglected the night before. Well guess what, you will most likely procrastinate that homework again. So, you instead decided to compromise; you take some notes while watching TV or blast Taylor Swift’s 1989 album while attempting to go over flash cards. Hey, at least you can say you tried, right? 

The only thing left to do with no snow on the ground: BINGE WATCH NETFLIX, or other TV medias you prefer. I personally, spent the majority of my day watching the charmingly witty, and positively perky Gilmore Girls. Nothing like Lorelie and Rory Gilmore to make you smile with their insanely fast and clever commentary. I get it, for some my lovely Gilmore Girls doesn’t cut it. For others it’s more of a Star Wars kinda day, complete with Chewy pj pants, or maybe even The Office while drinking from your “world’s best boss” mug. 

I have zero regrets on how I spent my snow day full of mother-daughter bonding and the epic life of a crazy busy teenager (which I highly relate to). All in all, it was the perfect snow day; a much needed, pleasantly surprising interruption from the normal week. I mean lets be honest, snow days are the best part of winter, well…besides Christmas.