New season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina falls short of praise critics thought it would receive



QUEEN FOR A DAY: During the many mishaps of this season, Sabrina has to decide what to do with her fate, and maybe even compete to do so. Sabrina has many trips to Hell this season as she fights both Lucifer and a new character, Caliban

Part three of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina recently came out on Netflix in January and, of course, I had to binge. After so much happening at the end of part two, with Lucifer coming back in his celestial state at the hand of Sabrina, things took a turn for the worst in Greendale as the story picked back up, frankly, things did as well with the show as the coven is starting to go downhill while the dark lord is dethroned and pagans come to take over. 

We lost a lot of the essence of many major characters. Roz is simply Harvey’s girlfriend used only for her gift of seeing the future. Harvey is really only there because he has emotional connection to the characters, otherwise his character serves no purpose. There is no major story to either of them. Susie has a bit of a story, as she now goes by Theo, but she barely makes appearances. Nick and Sabrina’s relationship is hurting, so there is no story there. Nick is also acting like an entitled snob and doesn’t deserve Sabrina. She can’t even see that for herself until Prudence asks if he ever thanked her for taking him back from hell and sacrificing herself for him and she realizes that he didn’t. After watching all eight hours of the season, I am stuck wondering “what was the point of making this season at all?”

Pagan gods and witches come to Greendale and try to take over while Blackwood is on his own quest seeking even older gods. This makes the story really confusing because he is never allowed to explain what it is he is actually trying to do. Then the whole story of Caliban is confusing, because one moment he is trying to defeat Sabrina, the next he is helping Sabrina, even proposing marriage. It’s like the writers couldn’t make up their minds on who the real Caliban is. 

The whole thing with Hilda being a spider also made no sense and why it was included honestly beats me. And the coven which Sabrina’s aunts are now in charge of ends up following and praying to three different gods throughout the series. They pray to Lucifer, Lillith, and then Hecate; who has never been mentioned throughout the series’ entirety; so we have no idea who this is, and she is never really explained, so we have to figure it out ourselves. They are just grasping at straws at this point. 

Just as Ambrose is trying everything possible to keep the coven from crumbling, I felt the same energy from the writers as they wrote the most random things to keep the series alive as well as their jobs.