A New Kind Of Rom-Com

Rebel Wilson leads in 2019 movie which brings fresh flavor to romantic comedy



LEADING LADY: Rebel Wilson; known for her roles as side characters in Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and Jojo Rabbit; finally got her role as the “non-conventional pretty woman” when she landed the role of Natalie in “Isn’t It Romantic.” Released in 2019, “Isn’t It Romantic” also stars Liam Hemsworth and Adam Devine who both fall for the beautiful working woman.

“Isn’t It Romantic” introduces a new way to look at topics such as homosexuality, women in the workplace, and especially self-love. This romantic comedy features Rebel Wilson as Natalie who goes on a mental crusade at her workplace against romantic comedies, only to find herself placed in her own. This is what makes the movie ironic and where the part isn’t it in the name comes in. But through the series of events, Natalie learns it was never a man or even new friend she needed to look for: it was her own cynical and maybe slightly broken self. 

That is why “Isn’t It Romantic” is a special and different kind of rom-com, a great kind. It is so refreshing to see a movie where the girl, while maybe sad, does not have a perfect life. She has a normal life. It is true to the real world, and shows that even real people can have romance as well as love themselves in the midst of their ups, downs, and flaws. 

The movie is honestly a turning point in a new era of romantic comedies where, yes, a guy may get a girl in the end; but a girl also gets something so much better for her life, she gets herself. The turning point of the movie, without spoiling anything, shows a series of flashing images, not of any guy Natalie wants to love or wants to fall in love with her. They are all clips of her in all her happiest moments, the real individual she needs to fall in love with to get out of the false rom-com world. 

And yes, the guy in the fake world (Liam Hemsworth) is indeed a grade-A super hunk. But the guy who wants Natalie in the real world (Adam Devine) is purposefully average-looking and insecure just like a normal man. They even mention this during the movie, when his feelings are actually hurt because he can’t live up to women’s dreams for men like Liam Hemsworth because of romantic comedies. 

“Isn’t It Romantic” also tackles how most rom-coms stereotype homosexual men as the best friend and neighbor who bends himself to the main character’s every last wish, so much so to not having a job or any other friends; which is great because it is time someone realized that people come in all forms, no matter what sexual orientation. In fact, Donny (Brandon Scott Jones) is the one who says “You can search the entire universe and never find a being more worthy of love than yourself.” Which is the first time Natalie hears that she is supposed to love herself. 

My favorite part, besides the obvious self-love aspect; is what Wilson says to her assistant, who happens to also be a woman, about women in the workplace. “In those movies, when there are two women in the same workplace, they have to be like mortal enemies…The idea that two women can’t root for each other at work is just disgusting.” I think that line is beautiful and so true. It makes an impact on me because I often find myself disliking people when other people like them. This world is so focused on getting ahead that we end up hurting people we might have loved in the end just to do it. The writers recognized this and put it into the movie. 

I absolutely, one hundred percent recommend “Isn’t It Romantic” for everyone looking for a fresh point of view on love, life, and many social-cultural aspects as well. Even though it is a hilarious comedy, it is packed with the depth and sincerity required to bring true meaning back into one’s life. And maybe, back into Valentine’s Day.