Games Club Looks to Expand


Cole Maxwell

Mr. Young watching members in a zoom call

One of the lesser known clubs at FHC is a tabletop roleplay club that we refer to as “Games Club”. Due to the recent loss of many seniors, the club has begun shrinking in size. A rough transition for members arose when they lost their sponsor. However, when Paul Young offered to be their new sponsor and host the meetings in his room, the club members were ecstatic.  

“I’m very hopeful with this new sponsorship,” said Young “I think there are kids that could use this social interaction.”

Although members are hopeful, the current leader of the club, David Garret, is worried about the future for the club and they will continue to look for people interested in tabletop roleplay games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or Call of Cthulhu. They currently meet every Monday in room 230 or on zoom after school until 4:00pm and look forward to meeting new members.