Softball Season Windup

Players reflect on the 2020 softball season


Riley Wania

Kennedy Jensen striking out her Howell opponent.

The 2020 season has been a long journey for the FHC softball team. With teammates getting quarantined and other struggles on the field, the team still finished out another season strong. 

Junior center fielder Josie Bezzole looks back on this season with positive remarks despite the difference in this season. 

“The season was different because of COVID-19,” Bezzole said. “But overall we had a pretty good season and [I] can’t wait to play next year!” 

Junior shortstop Alyssa Haile reflecting on the season and the difference that there was this year.

“This season was really different because we are a pretty young team with some freshman put in big spots,” Haile said. “I think we had an overall pretty good year considering a lot of complications that we had.” 

Junior middle infielder Emily Chadwick also gave her overall thoughts on this season. 

“Overall whenever it counted we came together as a team, especially at districts,” Chadwick said. “I think there is a lot to build on, especially because most of our team consists of juniors and few are under class men.” 

The 2020 season has no doubt been difficult on the team, nevertheless; they pulled through and overall had a great season with all teammates eager for next year.