Sentimental Senior Night


Amelia Vohsen

The girls soccer seniors stand with their posters during senior night.

In the midst of their ongoing season, the girls soccer team held their annual senior night on Friday, Apr. 23. The program celebrated seven graduating seniors including Faith Bridges, Lily Chung, Madyson French, Gillian Nicholson, Paige Vandaele, Natalie Walsh, and Olivia Zykan. Captain Gillian Nicholson expresses the ways in which the program has impacted her and what she hopes to achieve during her limited time left.

“I have met some of my closest friends through this program and my coaches have always been there for me and pushed me to become a better player and person overall,” Nicholson said. “Our goals as a team are to win a district title and make it to the final four.”

The seniors continue their last season with the team as they head back to the field on Thursday, Apr. 29 against Timberland.