A Fiery Comeback


Hannah Bernard

Junior Brenden White looks to his coach for guidance.

The past two games for the boys baseball team have been major on their road to success. After a tiny losing streak, the boys have come back with fire and two huge wins against the Holt Indians (12-6) and the Troy Trojans (16-1).

Junior Brenden White says solid pitching and hitting performances and have been crucial to their fiery comeback. 

“Hitting has been great. We are finally hitting some barrels and pitching well and both have been key for us.” said White. 

Senior Ryan Miller added that team chemistry has been phenomenal and another huge contributor to their success. 

“I think our team chemistry is one of the best out of the schools around,” said Miller. “Most of us have played with each other for a while, but for those who haven’t we still act like we have known each other forever.” 

The boys next opponent are the Holt Indians for another tough matchup at home. Sophomore Nick Ortinau says they have a simple game plan moving forward to game time. 

“We just need to keep the energy going and continue with all the momentum we have built up.” said Ortinau. 

The boys next game starts at 4:15 on Wednesday April 28th.