Girls Soccer Push on After an On-field Injury

After a disappointing loss of a player during the game the girls finished strong with a win

Recently the girls’ soccer team walked away with a win against Rock Bridge leading 1-0, although during the game an incident occurred where Adelaide Green was injured and had to leave. But, according to senior Madisyn French, Green was a trooper and kept calm walking off the field.

“Green was such a team player about it though, she didn’t even cry. She’s like ‘Yeah it’s happened before.’ But we all were in shock and she was laughing it off, she was all good about it.” French said. 

Yet the team continued to push for victory, using the loss of a player as fuel to finish the game according to senior Olivia Zykan.

“We fought really hard and we came together as a team because there was an incident that happened on the field with one of our players[Green] and we kept pushing even though she wasn’t with us,” Zykan said.

However, according to French the team’s defense is their biggest strength and is something the team can count on.

“Our defense is probably the best part of our team…Coach Mo always said our defense is the best, our center backs can always be counted on. They are always solid back there and if we ever had anything to worry about it wouldn’t be them,” French said.