Winding Up The Season


Brock Slinkard

The Varsity Softball team high fives North Point.

As the softball season starts winding up, the girl’s Varsity team must learn to adjust to the new coach, new players, and new expectations. 

Because of the team’s run to state last year, expectations have shifted. Senior pitcher Mikayla Goforth mentions the difference in last year’s expectations compared to this year.

 “We came in with a lot of expectations just because of the run to state last year, so trying to find new expectations has definitely been something different,” Goforth said.

Junior Sarah Hoshaw pitches against Troy. Photo By: Brock Slinkard

This year, Aaron Pearson, former assistant coach, has taken over Zack Sheets’ position as head coach. Not only is there a new coach, but many new players as well. With four freshmen and two sophomores joining varsity, almost half of the team is made up of underclassmen. Two of these freshmen, Kiana Kluesner and Amela Raziq, both have hit eight home runs this season, which is the most in the St. Louis area. With these adjustments comes a shift in the team’s dynamic. 

“He has high expectations, but he also knows that this is a game. And we’re not going to win every game we play,” said Goforth, “Last year there was a lot of, I wouldn’t say favoritism, but the same people played every game. This year, more people were given shots. There’s different athletic ability on the team which helps create a different dynamic, and I think that will improve our team,” 

The softball season started near the end of August, meaning that in less than a month, the varsity team has played more than 20 games, and had very few practices. According to Pearson, the team has played the most games in the St. Louis area. Their current record is 14-15. Considering they have played ranked teams, faced some of the best pitching the state has to offer, and done so with fewer practices than games, Coach Pearson believes the season is looking pretty bright. 

“You know, these girls have really battled and pushed through and they have had energy in every game,” Pearson said.