Roll’n Play

FHC’s Games Club had their weekly meeting on Monday, Dec. 12th in Mrs. Okai’s room. Like their previous meeting, the club spent time playing Dungeons and Dragons even though they sometimes dabble in other role-playing games. Despite Game Club not having many members, the group is a close-knit and accepting environment. Member of Games Club, freshman Brynn Bollinger talks about why she enjoys being a part of it.

“It’s just really an environment of creative people so it’s cool to a bunch of people who enjoy writing stories and creating characters,” says Bollinger. “Since it’s such a small group of people usually everyone kind of gets along and it gets really exciting and there’s teamwork and it’s a community thing.”

Games Club is always accepting new members. Their next meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 9th in room 149. Make sure you stop by if you are interested.