Norman looks up to block the ball.

The varsity boys basketball have been puting all the skills they have learned throughout the season to use for this very game against Troy, With this game being a make-or-break to the end of the season. On Wed. March 1st the game was very close at times but Troy ended up winning with the ending score being 35-77. Losing knocked them off the bracket for districts and sadly ended their season. All the players gathered around and looked back on how they were at the beginning of the season and how they improved overall. With team work being the one word to describe the game Junior Anthony Norman shares his comments about how the team improved.


“Later on during the basketball season, we started to come closer as a team and we tried to meet outside of school to get the team’s chemistry together.” Norman said. “We have Improved a lot just by competing with other teams because we did have a really tough schedule this year.” 


Overall the teams have put in hard work and are hoping to improve their record for next year.