Wake Up Wentzville!


The Francis Howell United Warriors played their senior night against Wentzville on May 4.  The Warriors had a great, high scoring game with an end score of 18 to 5. The boys started off intense with the want and determination to get the win for senior night. The crowd was huge and rowdy yelling and cheering on their boys for the special night. The ceremony was at half time where all the boys walked with their guardian. FHC has two seniors on the team, Ryan Benton and Aidan Nicholson. Nicholson attributes the teams special want to win not only for senior night but to shut down Wentzville after their state triumph last season.

“We destroyed them last year, but somehow in play-offs they had multiple crazy upsets leading them to a championship. I feel like that really drove the team to make sure we were prepared this year and show we really were one of the best,” Nicholson said “It felt great to absolutely dominate a team that isn’t even that bad on such a special night with a big crowd.”

This senior night was closer to the end of season and they ended up losing to Priory in the Division one bracket of playoffs. The boys ended their amazing spring with a record of 12-4. Lacrosse is an exciting game like no other and definitely something you can’t miss next spring.