Snow days affect basketball

Basketball players got a longer break than expected. The snow that Missouri received on Sunday Jan. 6th caused four snow days, canceling all the basketball games and practices that were scheduled. All three teams, freshman, JV, and varsity were scheduled to have a total of six games. Two weeks later, two more snow days cancelled more practices and games for the basketball players. Some players, such as JV center Nick Cottner, think the lack of practices affected the team’s performance, considering they lost to Howell and Vianney in a tournament that following weekend.


“I think we needed that extra time to practice. We knew those teams would be hard,” said Cottner.


JV ended up losing two games and winning two. Howell and Vianney were expected to be tough teams to beat, so the boys were hoping for more practice time than received.


Varsity also struggled in a game on Saturday, Jan. 19 against Westminister. The game ended with a score of 83-71. Again, the loss is thought to be the effect of the many practices lost to the six snow days.


Now, with it being the second full week back to school, the basketball players are getting back on track, but now have to deal with a more hectic schedule than planned.