Volleyball team looks ahead to home opener

The varsity boys volleyball team lost a game against rival Francis Howell High in three sets Wednesday night to bring the teams record to 1-2. The Vikings and Spartans split the first two sets, but rival Francis Howell secured a victory with a 25-23 victory in the third set.

According to junior middle blocker Logan Jarus, both teams played well and the game came down to which team wanted it more, and in that regard the Spartans fell just a bit short.

“We played pretty good,” said Jarus. “[However,] Howell came out pumped up to play against their rivals and seemed to want a victory more than we did.”

The team will have a week to continue practicing before the team comes out and plays its home opener on Wednesday night against Duchesne High School where they look to continue to improve upon what has so far been a rough start to the season.