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Sophomore Alex Tarleton during his solo.

Sweet Symphonies

Raina Straughter, Editor-in-Chief January 8, 2024

Each year, the Jazz Band and Ensemble present a ravishing performance consisting of extraordinary musicians who bring their own special twang to each instrument on stage. On the second night of the...

A Boom in Blending

Audrey Webb and Kendyl Lay January 3, 2024

With all three high schools in the district participating in Blended Learning class structures, FHC contains the most amount of these style classes. Students and staff have all greatly benefited from the...

Through Closed Curtains

Bella Smith and Meghan Baumann December 18, 2023

Francis Howell Central’s first semester play, "You Can’t Take it With You," starring the Spotlight Players, gave students a chance to work hands-on with the outcome of the school’s play. Students...

Preview Into Parenthood

Madison Scott and Caroline Kraft December 14, 2023

The child development course, taught by Kathryn McGuire, helps educate growing teens on the ups and downs of parenthood. The course attempts to teach them the basics of infancy, and allow each student...

Junior Sophia Allen tries to distract a study group with her dance moves. She struck a pose by holding her leg high while standing in the middle of the group.

Un-Comfort Zone

Raina Straughter, Editor-in-Chief December 6, 2023

Being put in an uncomfortable situation is not a thing we go looking for, they just happen. Throughout November, the photography staff decided to have a little fun and get out of their comfort zone....

Junior Aadit Mehta comes up for a brief bit of air during the breaststroke race.

Surface Pressure

Raina Straughter, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2023

  During the late evening, Varsity boys swim competed against Fort Zumwalt North on October 17. Coming out under 0-3, the team fought hard to stay in the pool but was unsuccessful. Junior, Luiz...

Coach Denny embraces Sam Deuser after awarding her for the PE department award.

Sayonara Seniors!

Raina Straughter, Video Editor May 18, 2023

On the night of Thursday May 11, we held our annual senior awards night, commending a large amount of seniors on their accomplishments throughout the years. Rewarding them with medals, tassels, and...

Diving Into Dissection

Magi Temelkova and Rocco Muich April 28, 2023

Mr. Patrick Reed’s ZoBot class has had the opportunity for a hands-on experience dissecting the animals that they learn about during lecture. Students describe their recent starfish dissection lab, what...

Freshman Nate Mullix finishes swing after serving the ball.

Rockin’ the win

Raina Straughter, Video Editor April 28, 2023

Boys JV took on Rockwood Summit on Wed. April 25, only to give Rockwood a run for their money on their own court. This match was definitely a nail bitter, with the teams teetering back and forth for...

Senior Claire Amelung goes head to head for ball.

Jam Champ

Raina Straughter, Video Editor March 17, 2023

On Wednesday March 15,  girls' lacrosse hosted their annual kickoff jamboree on their home field. This year the players played a friendly game against teams like Howell, St. Dominic and Howell North....

The Aftermath

Aniya Sparrow and Ava Reyes January 17, 2023

Parents usually think thoroughly about their divorce decision before they file, the kids are most likely a key component in this decision. Some children feel as if they are the reason for the divorce and...

Completely Burnt

Raina Straughter and Andy Waliszewski January 11, 2023

While taking advanced placement and honors classes may look good on your college resume, these students explain the toll it has taken on their high school experience. They address the times they've missed...

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