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Rocco Muich

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer

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Indie music genre is defined as independent. Meaning that usually the music that goes under the genre indie is made by either small bands or a couple people. Indie is also known for its aesthetic. Indie aesthetic is usually pastel colors and is defined as more innocent and sweet. Ava Reyes perfectly portrays the independent and innocent side of indie with beautiful pastel colors and an acoustic guitar.

[Photo] Listen To Your Heart

Samantha Castille, Photo Assignments Editor
May 22, 2023
During her third hour AP Language & Composition class, Laurie Fay discusses an essay with Amity Ianiri.

[Photo] Ms. Fay

May 11, 2023
FHC Varsity soccer girls get together and celebrate after scoring the big goal.

Panthers Down!

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
April 28, 2023
A poster hangs on Mrs. Stacey Dennigmanns door in the weeks leading up to ticket sales for the 2023 prom.

[Photo] New Dance Moves

Mikayla Jacobs, Staff Reporter
April 10, 2023
Mrs. Herdt helping Scott Harris unwrap his poster.

A Hall of Fame to Remember

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
February 9, 2023
Debate team members Adeline and Sukhman enjoying their time together.

Debate This!

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
January 31, 2023
Matt Burns Potthoff is an ex esports professional and a current VP of eUnited Esports.

From High Schooler to Pro

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
January 9, 2023
My whole thought process with the piece was to make it as visually eye-catching and appealing as possible. I wanted to do a long exposure to make it seem I was more faint and distant than everything else. I made sure to make the whole image uneven so the viewer could pick out individual flaws in the bathroom I was in so they would look at longer than just the 2 seconds for a normal photo with a person in a tub. The flaw I captured was mental health issues. Everyone I know that has mental health issues does not believe they’re as equal or great as everyone else, almost like they believe theyre flawed.

[Photo] Flawless Imperfections

Samantha Castille, Photo Assignment Editor
February 21, 2022
Ceremony of the Year

Ceremony of the Year

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
December 9, 2022
Senior Aidan Hernandez taking a breathe during the game.

Down But Not Out

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
November 7, 2022
Senior Tanner Jones giving a thumbs up to the coaches for his senior night.

One Last Ride

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
October 19, 2022
Sophomore Cassie Durbin stays focused for a serve from Timberland.

Loss Won’t Stop the Spartans

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
October 4, 2022
Senior Sabrina Brown logging in before practice starts.

Steps After Victory

Rocco Muich, Staff Photographer
September 20, 2022
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