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Gavin Bearup

Gavin Bearup, Staff Photographer

Gavin Bearup is a junior and this is his second year in FHC publications. He has two dogs and an outdoor cat who’s rarely inside. His favorite food is sesame chicken and crab rangoons, and his favorite icecream flavor is cookies and cream or Heaths flavor. 

All content by Gavin Bearup
Parent Aaron Bearup thinks about what his next move is gonna be in a game of Chess, while playing in the middle of the road.

[Photo] Un-Comfort Zone

Raina Straughter, Editor-in-Chief
December 6, 2023
Band Director Nathan Griffin leads the Symphonic Band percussion ensemble in songs and instructs them on different sections. Symphonic Band meets in the band room during 4th hour every day.

[Photo] Strings of the Soul

Ian Rashleigh, Staff Reporter
October 6, 2023
Mason Wideman kicks the ball after stopping a goal. This was an away game against Holt High School on Sept. 21, we won 2-0.

Stupendous Soccer

Gavin Bearup, Staff Photographer
October 3, 2023
Lily Crews tries to keep the ball from the opponent.

Victorious Visit

Gavin Bearup, Staff Photographer
April 26, 2023
Lucas Pearson tries to get the Timberland player out on first base.

Distraught Defeat

Gavin Bearup, Staff Photographer
April 20, 2023
Chemistry teacher Mrs. Malkmus is directing students for a science experiment. Mrs. Malkmus was brought to FHC to replace the last chemistry teacher.

[Photo] Keep an Ion the Prize

Birdie Brereton, Staff Reporter
March 13, 2023
Senior Nate David focuses on his work in front of him. David mentioned that students should use school to express themselves. Be yourself, some people come to school, [with] piercings [and] crop tops, things that just make them happy.

[Photo] Truth Be Told

Anabel Gundersen, Staff Reporter
February 24, 2023
Sam Deuser rushes in to save the ball from hitting the ground.

Superb Singles

Gavin Bearup, Staff Photographer
October 11, 2022
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