Pulling it together

Gracie Kruep, Staff Photographer

 From the beginning, the varsity girls soccer team knew that it was in for a tough match. Even before the start whistle, the Spartans knew they were going to have to battle for the win against a normally aggressive Timberland team. When the first whistle blew, and the clock started, the girls were off, but 11 seconds in, another whistle was blown. Senior captain, Morgan Cervera, was on the ground. Many thought the injury was to an already torn ACL, which she wore a knee brace for when contact with other people was involved, but after being escorted off the field, she told the trainers and coaches it was her other knee. Cervera does not know how serious the injury is at this time.


  In another turn of events, another starter, freshman, Mackenzie Jones was in a battle with a Timberland player, and was taken out by her ankle. Her expected recovery time is three weeks.


  “It’s really heartbreaking to see someone go down in only 11 seconds into the game, especially as one of our captains and leaders on the field, it affected the rest of our game,” freshman goalie Caitlyn Brown said. “You kinda just hold your breath and hope nothing is seriously wrong hold your breath for the remainder of the game. Then when Mackenzie, another starter for our team, gets hurt, things start to get sloppy. Our back line was faltering and we were glad the offense was able to come together and continue to put goals into the net.”

  Even after losing two of the starters, the team came together and pulled out a win, 3-0, with goals scored by Jayden Viola, Bailey Beeler, and Rayna Thomas, improving the team’s record 3-1.