Differences between NAHS and Art Club

Despite the misconception, NAHS and Art Club are not the same, and NAHS members describe their differences.

For many students, art is not just a class requirement to fill: it’s a hobby and an activity that they enjoy outside of school. Here at FHC, there are two extracurricular art groups to get involved with: National Art Honor Society and Art Club.

Senior Lauren White has been in NAHS ever since her freshman year, and enjoys her time in the club.

“There was something about it I really liked freshman year, so I think I joined because it was art related,” White explained.

Despite these two clubs being their own, individual thing, many people outside of them constantly mix them up.

“I didn’t even know there was an art club [when I was a freshman],” White said. “The main difference between them is for NAHS, you can get scholarships from it for seniors.”

Other differences among the two clubs is NAHS hosts multiple excursions throughout the year that allow students to see art outside of school and around the St. Louis area, and Art Club typically works on projects throughout school.

Senior Rachel McCary, another member of NAHS, also agrees that there are distinct differences between the two art groups.

“The main difference is there’s a point system [for NAHS] and that’s where you can get the cords for graduation,” McCary said. “And it’s more individual.”

White said another difference she observed is that NAHS is more individualized.

“We do more independent stuff,” White said. “Art club seems to do more stuff for the school and less for themselves.”

When asked if they would join art club, White explained that she’s too close with her friends in NAHS to leave.

“I enjoy NAHS too much to leave that crew of people,” White said. “I like how free it is. You can really do whatever you want.”