Three runners medal at Sioux Passage race

The “Man Maker” hill at Sioux Passage is one of the toughest features of the hardest race of the year.

After finishing the extremely difficult course, varsity sophomore Ethan Hamilton is congratulated by a fellow runner from another team. The fellow runner, a varsity competitor from Francis Howell, managed to remain in front of Hamilton despite both of them surging on the final 200m stretch.

Andrew Houmes, Staff photographer

Before the hours of dawn, the cross country team arose to compete in all levels at the Sioux Passage invitational on Saturday, Sept. 15. The five-kilometer course, well-known across America for its difficulty, begins with a hill (commonly known to runners as “Man Maker” for its steep incline) and continues across hilly terrain, eventually bringing runners back up the starting hill a second time before finishing. While unable to take home a top three team spot, three students medaled during the race (one varsity boy, one JV boy, and one varsity girl).

One of the most difficult courses of the season, Sioux Passage challenged all of the runners with the heat and the inclines. Sticking together in packs, the Francis Howell Central Spartans pushed their way through and managed to overcome the challenge with hard-headed ferocity.

“It was… very challenging,” runner Nathan Brown said. “The hill was super hard, especially the second time, but you just had to push through with all the people yelling at you.”