Scoring Through The Storm

Despite hazardous weather, the boys basketball team wins their second victory in a row


Suzi Safi

The boys practice after their victory at North. Though there was troubling weather that night, the team managed to fight through and defeat the opposing team.

Last Friday, the varsity boys basketball team secured another win for FHC against Francis Howell North, 64-44, making their record now 5-5. It is also the second game in a row the Spartans have won, a very exciting achievement for the team, according to junior Myles Estrada

“We felt accomplished [coming out of the game] because that was two wins in a row,” Estrada said. 

Going into the game against North on Friday, the team felt ready to play a good game, creating an enjoyable environment to compete in, according to senior Lee Evans

“It felt good [going into the game on Friday]. It felt like we had a good match-up against a rival team,” Evans said. “It was just a fun atmosphere to play in.” 

During the game, however, on Friday night, the weather took a bad turn. Most of the night, it was thunderstorming, and at one point there was even a tornado warning. This apparently caused a temporary halt in hustle for the team, according to Estrada. 

“We kind of had a breakdown for a quarter, and we kind of got a little frantic on the court. For a little bit, our performance went down,” Estrada said. 

According to senior Logan Scott, however, this actually aided the ultimate win. 

“I think it helped us get a better win in the long run, just because we had to work through adversity, and ended up doing so,” Scott said. 

The team owes their success to their ability to maintain focus and zeal, knowing that a loss in optimism could mean losing the game, said Scott.

“[What went through my mind was] just to stay positive and keep fighting because the moment that we let up off the gas we knew things would go downhill,” Scott said. 

Coming out of the game, the team is hopeful they can keep the victories up, and ultimately go all the way. 

“That was our second win in a row, and it’s good to get on a streak,” Scott said. “I want this to be a start to a winning season and potentially a district championship.”