Valentine’s Day Victory

Boys basketball makes a comeback after five losses in a row


Nikki Crangle

The boys huddle to discuss the game. Their teamwork and cooperation ultimately helped them win the game.


On Friday, Feb. 14,  the FHC boys basketball team defeated Holt 56-50, a close but exciting game. This was their first victory after losing the last five games they played. Junior Myles Estrada gave an overview of how the game went, with a good beginning and middle, and, despite a small comeback from Holt, and ultimately, a win. 

“We ended up winning. We started off kinda strong and we kept the momentum throughout the whole game, and they made a little run, but we pulled through and kept strong,” Estrada said. 

According to senior Lee Evans, the boys had a good time playing against such a strong team. The tension made the game enjoyable. 

“It was very competitive, it was a fun game,” Evans said. “We had to battle to the end to win. We were down by two going into the fourth [quarter], so we had to see who the tougher team was.” 

According to senior Logan Scott, the team played well with each other by helping each other out throughout the game. 

 “We played [well] as a team.” Scott said. “We kept passing up good shots for a better shot and creating better opportunities for our teammates and that helped us win.”

Scott said that this worked, and their win helped fuel their esteem for the looming championship games. 

“[We gained] the confidence to go into districts with hopefully a good last five games to set us up for success in the district tournament,” Scott said. 

Because the team was able to play well together, they were able to come back from a hot streak from Holt and win the game by a narrow six points. 

“I was proud of how we worked together, even when they made a run, we stuck together and kept doing what we were doing,” Estrada said.

Ultimately, however, the success was not in the score on the scoreboard or in the newfound confidence for the future, but in how well the team was able to play together, according to Evans. 

“[I was most proud of] the teamwork we had and the determination to win,” Evans said.