The Final Home Game


Dominating their competition from the first quarter to the end, the FHC Varsity girls basketball team won their home game against St. Charles High school with a score of 50-29 on February 25th. Accompanied by the Spartan A Band for the last time this season, the gym was alight with competitive energy from the strong start to the solid fourth quarter. With performances by the dance team and the varsity cheer squad, it was a powerful night of excitement and victory. With their final home game behind them, the FHC varsity girls team is prepping up for a great fight at districts.


“We do little things like going to bed on time or shooting the ball whenever we can or just having the right mentality,” says athlete Azaria Hulbert. “It’s so late in the season that other teams may be losing their fight to keep going and forget why they’re playing or why they’re here.”


The FHC varsity girls team will compete at the district competition on March 3rd at Fort Zumwalt South with strong potential to progress to Sectionals.