Success against South


Keaton (Kiki) Frye

The Varsity Girls Basketball team huddle on the sidelines at their game against Lutheran on December 4.

The Varsity Girls Basketball team won their most recent game of the season 46-41 against Fort Zumwalt South. Senior Sophie Delaney reflects on the team’s win and explains what she believes was the cause of their successful win. 

“Our bench hype was key to winning our game, our bench was great in their talk last night so that was a huge contribution to the people playing on the floor,” Delaney said. 

“I think there were a lot of concentrations, a lot of extra one passes and a lot of great confident shooting. I think that’s what got us our win last night,” Delaney reflects. 

The team is looking forward to returning to the court on Thursday, December 17 at Fort Zumwalt South.