Zipping Against Zumwalt


Grace Hutchinson

Xime Avila racing towards the win.

While having 9 members of their team quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19, the Swim and Dive team was just happy to be able to race in their meet against Fort Zumwalt West. Even after their loss, they were still optimistic and ready for their next meet. The teams love for the sport has helped them become such a strong team when odds are against them. Junior Quinn Marshall thinks this, along with their attitude, has kept the team together.


“It’s so important for our team to stay motivated this year because with so many girls quarantined, it’s easy to feel less motivated,” Marshall said. “With the girls we still have we are able to win meets with the right mindset.”


The team hopes to have the quarantined girls swimming again by their next meet. They are going in on Thursday, Jan. 7 against Duchesne with a positive attitude and hoping to win.