A Close Second


Amelia Vohsen

Will Bloomenberg reaches for the puck after the ref drops it.

After a long, hard season, the Spartan Ice Hockey team approached the final game of the Wickenheiser cup with high hopes. The team went up against Ladue High School on Saturday, Mar. 6 at Centene Community Ice Center. The Spartans put up a tough fight, starting out in the lead, but surrendered with a final score of 2-1, scoring them the second place title. Despite the loss, Senior Carson Dahl speaks about his appreciation for not only his FHC teammates, but the entire hockey community as well.

“We made it further than anyone expected us to in the high school community and in the hockey world,” Dahl said. “We didn’t get the outcome we wanted, but it was worth it because I spent that time with a team that was more like family.”

The Spartan Ice Hockey team says goodbye to seven seniors this year, but they look forward to next season and another chance to win the Wickenheiser cup.