Sliding To First

With the bases loaded and tension in the air, the freshman baseball team pushed it to the max. On Wensday, Mar. 29th, with Central losing and the score being 15-4. Freshmen were in the lead for the first inning, then Howell caught back up. With Central constantly trying new strategies to catch up, Howell kept the game going for the rest of the time. Freshman Cory Nix exspresed his front row view of the game and how his team did at Howell.

 “We could of definitely played alot better, there’s a cuple of errors that we shouldent of had and just missed alot of fly balls,” Nix said. “So far the seasons not going as planned, but we play good as a team, we just have to put all the pieces together.”

Join the freshmen Monday, April. 10th, to see their next big win against Timberland High School.