Getting Even

Getting beat by the Fort Zumwalt Jaguars in the Freshman GAC championship was a hard loss for many of the now JV players. Coming into this season, they knew it would a hard match, but they were determined to win. The JV team has been on a streak, this game was highly anticipated and they did not disappoint. The game on Tuesday,March 28th was animating to watch. The Spartans won with a 2-0 lead. The Fort Zumwalt Jaguars are tough competition and the JV team lived up to the hype. Sophomore Antonio Payton recounts the game.

“Communication definitely could have been improved upon.” Payton said.” I feel like we were a little bit under (on energy), but we were prepared because we knew they were a good team from the previous year, but we definitely did good.”

Going 4-0 with this new win the JV boys haven’t ended their streak and don’t plan to. The team is going into a tournament this weekend and hope to go home with some hardware. Come out and support the JV team at home on Saturday, April 8th.