Guidance at the end of the year

Karley Canova

May 10, 2012

Guidance continues to stress on with the end of the year workload, with planning for Senior Awards Night for Thursday, May 17; seniors who did not quite make the credit requirements and upcoming college fairs. However, when it is all said and done, it is an entirely different feeling, according to Mr...

End of Course exams bring counselors work

Karley Canova

April 19, 2012

As the End of Course (EOC) exams are taking place, counselors receive side jobs when the students cannot finish their tests. At the end of each 90-minute block, counselors and principals go down to the classrooms in which the EOCs are being taken to pull out students who were not able to finish the te...

Guidance vs. Seniors

Karley Canova

April 5, 2012

Guidance is currently reviewing and fixing any schedules for next year that somehow got messed up in one way or another. This process of filling in the holes will go on for awhile, and nothing will be finalized until the summer. “Nobody can get excited about what classes they do or do not have,” ...

Catching up with Mrs. Breuer

Karley Canova

March 8, 2012

Three weeks ago, guidance counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer was out because she had the flu. She was not able to call in students to discuss schedules for next year, so for the past couple of weeks she has been calling in individual students to do so. “Mr. Wolfe helped me with some of the kids,” ...

Guidance prepares for 2012 – 2013 school year

Karley Canova

February 23, 2012

The biggest area in which the counselors deal with, as it has been, is helping students register for next year. “[Registration] is the main focus, unless something else comes up,” said counselor, Mr. Kris Miller. “Hour by hour [we’re] meeting with groups of kids.” Counselors are also already...

Calm before the Guidance’s storm

Karley Canova

February 9, 2012

This week most counselors are simply organizing and preparing for the following three weeks, in which they will be meeting with the different grade levels to discuss their schedules. “It’s kind of a catch up week, I’d say,” said counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer. “We’ll discuss what classes [stud...

The crazy continues for guidance

Karley Canova

January 26, 2012

Counselors have loads of people coming in with questions about the new online registration program. On top of that confusion, counselors are also having to go through lists of students and their schedules to make sure they are in the classes they are supposed to be in. “We are making sure requests ...

Flooded with registration

Karley Canova

January 18, 2012

The guidance office has a lot on their hands, according to counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer. Students are coming in by the handful with questions about the new online registration. “It’s crazy!” said Mrs. Breuer. The office has blue forms for students to come in and complete the form for a re...

Imperfection isn’t a problem

Karley Canova

December 12, 2011

Oh, I’m going to be so mad at myself for posting this blog, but it’s something that’s really itching at me, I guess you could say. Although I feel horrible for saying that, because all anybody ever talks about anymore is relationships. (I wonder how many people would lose interest after that wo...

Updating for registering

Karley Canova

December 7, 2011

Maintaining the role of most important in the guidance office is the online registration. Counselors continue to prepare for January and February, when students will register for classes for the 2012 - 2013 year. Recently, counselors have been putting together a script for an instructional video int...

The Escape

Karley Canova

December 6, 2011

Sometimes, I get so frustrated because even with the vast amount of music that I have on my Zune (yeah, that’s right), I never seem to have enough. It’s pretty irritating. So, recently, a friend of mine gave me a butt load of new tunes. I am pretty happy about it. I like his taste in music, for th...

Avoiding the stress

Karley Canova

November 28, 2011

As the semester comes to a close, students are forced to struggle through the final exams. However, this stress can be avoided when a compromise is made between student and teacher. Students are allowed up to three exemptions in their high school career. Although, there are requirements in order for...

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