Freshman succeeds in audition by really trying

Opening Act: Freshman Dylan Gerding walks into a room with four people. His mind racing with the nerves and preconceived notions of how his first audition will go.

Dylan had never auditioned for a play or musical in his life, but after auditioning for the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” he realized how far his talent stretched. He has been given the opportunity to play the lead in the musical.

“He really fit the character,” Director Ms. Michelle Moll said. “He has an amazing voice, he’s a great actor and he’s a fabulous worker.”

While Dylan has been on crew for the One Acts and “The Crucible,” he has never been an actor in any production nor has he ever sang in a choir. All eyes were on him, and his nerves got to him, but not enough to keep him out of the panel’s minds.

“Since it was my first audition, I was even more nervous,” Dylan said. “I was scared and freaked out; I messed up, but when I got a callback, I guess they liked me.”

Shaking with nerves, Dylan readied for his audition. Although he was apprehensive, his sister, junior Olivia Gerding, assured him the audition would go well.

“I knew he was going to get the lead,” Olivia said. “We are like best friends, so we really worked on his audition together.”

According to Ms. Moll, the practice did not go unnoticed, and Dylan had no reason to be nervous.

“When he auditioned, we were blown away,” Ms. Moll said.

After leaving the room, Dylan was overcome with a disappointed feeling. His mind started to wonder, and he only focused on the mistakes he believed he had made, but Olivia knew his talent would surprise him.

“He has a natural singing ability,” Olivia said. “He really fit the part, and I don’t know if anyone else did.”

Although Olivia got a part in the ensemble, she could not have been more proud of her brother. Regardless of the fact that Dylan Gerding is a freshman, the upperclassmen are in the same boat as Olivia.

“Our kids our really supportive and notice the talent and why we [chose him for] the part,” Ms. Moll said. “Everyone seems to get along with him, and I think it’s a good situation.”

Dylan approaches a list unaware of the outcome. Hoping to see his name, but preparing for the worst. His eyes scan the cast list searching for his name.

“I didn’t see it coming,” Dylan said. “I started jumping up and down.”

Overcome with surprise and joy, Dylan enjoyed the moment, and no upperclassmen took away from his moment.

“I’m really good friends with upperclassmen, and they taught me everything I know,” Dylan said. “They were the ones pushing me to try out.”